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Who we are

The True Kustom staff is a group of professionals working together to provide our customers and clients with masterpiece quality products by working closely with them to develop their project to its fullest capacity. We build relationships that last with our clients.

The most Kick Ass staff around!!!!!!!

Josh Bourassa

I am the co-owner of True Kustom Paint and Fabrication located in Denver CO. My shop specializes in custom paint services ranging from prototype development to world class art on a motorcycles, automobiles and whatever else we can put paint on.

I have been running my own custom paint shop for 15 years and airbrushing for 28 years. During the early 2000’s my shop was the goto shop for Thunder Mountain Custom Cycles. I have done paint work for Peter Fonda, Glen Frye, Bryan Klock, Michael Lichter and many others.

I was born into the muscle car era, in fact, I rode home in a 58 corvette when born. I spent many evening and weekends during the 70’s and 80’s at Bandimere Speedway with my family drag racing the various cars that my parents put together. As a kid there were lots of afternoons cruising around the mountains on an old Honda 350 with my mom. When I was 13 I bought my first mini bike and shredded around the neighborhood evading the man at all costs. Gocart at 12 and driver license at 14.

Art has been in my life from the beginning. Drawing, painting, coloring with crayons and getting handed an airbrush at age 8 is what put me where I am now. It was college that really showed me, I am an artist. Various college art classes from drawing to sculpture,  I was at the top of the class. So during the early 90’s when the motorcycle thing was getting going I put my history of cars and motorcycles and my art skill together and began painting motorcycles.

Currently located in metro Denver, True Kustom is the premier customization shop in the region. We handle high end clients from Montana to New Mexico, Kansas to Utah.

Amoreena Bourassa

The real owner of True Kustom and a militant master of customer service. 15 years in the restaurant industry serving food at only the finest establishments Amoreena has customer service and HR down to a delicate science. Also the CFO and manager of the money we all have to answer to her.




 Ty Vasey

Ty is our painter extraordinaire, 25 years in the industry says he knows what he is doing. Kind of a freak in his own nature, he knows how to lay some paint.



 Cory Barr

The “Jack of all trades”. Cory is our shop production manager keeping a handle on the flow of jobs and quality control. Years of experience running a crew in other fields and a great personality to inspire with, he is the man for the job.




Kenny B

Kenny is a character of no comparison. The master of making things shiny, sometimes we have to unplug his polisher so he doesn’t polish the world. If needs to be clean and shiny, he is the man.



True Kustom is located in Englewood Colorado, just ten miles south of downtown Denver. Our state of the art facility is comprised of a mind blowing show room, private customer conference office, detail finishing bay, assembly bay, a completely separate paint and body shop and fabrication space.