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Octane Addictions BAGGER – Tyler brought us his 2003 Harley Davidson FLHT Anniversary Firefighters edition bagger that had been originally customized by Klock Works, 10 years ago. Time for an update. With limited time on this build we chose not to do any crazy one off custom mods but to utilize some of the best parts from our friends in the industry. We cut the neck and installed a HHI short neck kit, tigged on by our friends at DaVinci Cycles, “PROS”. Arlen Ness’s down and out bags and fender are undoubtedly the cleanest on the market, and clean is how we roll, styled a little more with a set of VooDoo 8.8 lids. Tank covers are a set of True Kustom bolt on tanks and console. Again, Ness front fender, so clean and ready to paint when it showed up. Tossed in a Bitchen stereo, Kenwood, JL Audio and Focal, cant go wrong.

Octane Addictions Bagger

[img src=]15530
[img src=]14110
[img src=]13200
[img src=]12590
[img src=]11050
[img src=]10780
[img src=]11260
[img src=]12320
[img src=]10530
[img src=]9500
[img src=]9450
[img src=]9490
[img src=]9410
[img src=]10210
[img src=]9710
[img src=]10540
[img src=]10250


BIG YELLOW – True Kustoms flagship bike. This bike was the platform for several of our products and one of our very first full custom builds. All body panels by True Kustom which include bolt on stretched tank, Big Ass sidepanels, Big Ass bags, G2 bagger rear fender, speed bars handlebars and custom front fairing. Paint by Bourassa Designs and True Kustom. Front wheel by Glenndyne Designs. Pipes by Bagger Nation.


[img src=]28060
[img src=]23830
[img src=]21610
[img src=]19880
[img src=]18211
[img src=]17450
[img src=]14710
[img src=]9510
[img src=]6990
[img src=]7050
[img src=]7360
[img src=]7240
[img src=]6760
[img src=]7500
[img src=]7440
[img src=]6950
[img src=]6380
[img src=]5580
[img src=]5460
[img src=]5630
[img src=]5590
[img src=]5480
[img src=]6070
[img src=]5700
[img src=]5490
[img src=]5460
[img src=]5140
[img src=]4920
[img src=]4870
[img src=]4560
[img src=]4240
[img src=]4120
[img src=]4410
[img src=]5150


PREDASAURUS – The one the only. The monster chopper famous on facebook. BIG, GREEN, NASTY. Final bodywork, Paint and custom airride seat by True Kustom. Bike concept and initial construction by Kynes Kustoms.


[img src=]31430
[img src=]26580
[img src=]23830
[img src=]21830
[img src=]19780
[img src=]17901
[img src=]14850
[img src=]9770
[img src=]9640
[img src=]8520
[img src=]8520
[img src=]8040
[img src=]7640
[img src=]8090
[img src=]7620


THE PIRATEGLIDE – 2010 Harley Davidson FLTRX RoadGlide Custom. ¬†BOATLOADS of Airbrush, 300 hours. Rockin a set True Kustom “Heavyweights” and a baddad rear fender. We tore this thing down to the floor, painted it from tip to toe and stopped the show.


[img src=]30671
[img src=]25940
[img src=]23820
[img src=]21691
[img src=]19830
[img src=]17550
[img src=]13980
[img src=]7340
[img src=]6330
[img src=]6380
[img src=]6270
[img src=]6360
[img src=]6250
[img src=]7680
[img src=]7120
[img src=]6240
[img src=]5380
[img src=]4840
[img src=]4680
[img src=]4860
[img src=]4960
[img src=]5050
[img src=]5690
[img src=]5550
[img src=]5320
[img src=]5020
[img src=]4680
[img src=]4490
[img src=]4200
[img src=]4050
[img src=]3830
[img src=]3760
[img src=]3780
[img src=]3970
[img src=]3780
[img src=]3930
[img src=]3920
[img src=]3950
[img src=]3620
[img src=]3600
[img src=]3550
[img src=]3710
[img src=]3550
[img src=]3470
[img src=]3920
[img src=]3340
[img src=]3190
[img src=]3060
[img src=]3100
[img src=]3140
[img src=]3170
[img src=]3090
[img src=]3000
[img src=]3030
[img src=]2890
[img src=]2880
[img src=]2840
[img src=]2940
[img src=]2820
[img src=]3050
[img src=]2920
[img src=]2880
[img src=]2770
[img src=]2860
[img src=]2870
[img src=]3010
[img src=]2810
[img src=]2810
[img src=]2660
[img src=]2690
[img src=]2490
[img src=]2510
[img src=]2760
[img src=]2630
[img src=]2690
[img src=]2470
[img src=]2430
[img src=]2620
[img src=]2660
[img src=]2730


ART DECO  Р 2010 Harley Davidson FLHX. Not a super WILD build but super CLEAN. Stretched body kit, subwoofer saddlebags, rear fender by True Kustom. PM wheels, LOTS O CHROME, seat by BITCHN STITCHN.


[img src=]29500
[img src=]25030
[img src=]22720
[img src=]21240
[img src=]19310
[img src=]17840
[img src=]15440
[img src=]10351
[img src=]9190
[img src=]9170
[img src=]9390
[img src=]8290
[img src=]8530
[img src=]8850
[img src=]8260
[img src=]7560
[img src=]6840


THE DARK SIDE – 2013 Harley Davidson FLHX. No sugar no cream, just black please. True Kustom bolt on stretch tanks, Hitters stretched subwoofer saddlebags, G2 bagger rear fender and some flat black paint with silver leaf and pinstripes. Wheels by Metalsport. Engine covers by Roland Sands. Floorboards by Roaring toyz. Forks by Arlen Ness. Chin spoiler by Speed by Design.

MOUNT GOLGATHA – Rons 2007 Harley Davidson FLHX Streetglide. True Kustom stretched saddlebags, Knock out lids, G1 bagger rear fender and some dark, crazy, sick o custom airbrush work by Josh Bourassa.


[img src=]26880
[img src=]22470
[img src=]20490
[img src=]18740
[img src=]17190
[img src=]15370
[img src=]11480
[img src=]5620
[img src=]5400
[img src=]5480
[img src=]5600
[img src=]5820
[img src=]6780
[img src=]7380
[img src=]6760
[img src=]6060
[img src=]5440
[img src=]5090
[img src=]5100
[img src=]5060
[img src=]4880
[img src=]5110
[img src=]5160
[img src=]5430
[img src=]4950
[img src=]4880
[img src=]4380
[img src=]4430
[img src=]3850
[img src=]4130
[img src=]3560
[img src=]3650
[img src=]3410
[img src=]3580
[img src=]3431
[img src=]3680
[img src=]3720



True Kustom Air-Brush Art


[img src=]9920
[img src=]12550
[img src=]11430
[img src=]10190
[img src=]9300
[img src=]8990
[img src=]8990
[img src=]8840
[img src=]8450
[img src=]8040
[img src=]7830
[img src=]8300
[img src=]8390
[img src=]8810
[img src=]8410
[img src=]7980
[img src=]8180
[img src=]9280
[img src=]9260
[img src=]9130
[img src=]8120
[img src=]7930
[img src=]8450
[img src=]8200
[img src=]8010
[img src=]8670
[img src=]8050
[img src=]8100
[img src=]7680
[img src=]7480
[img src=]7320
[img src=]6770
[img src=]6840
[img src=]7770
[img src=]7220
[img src=]7110
[img src=]6910
[img src=]10760
[img src=]8250
[img src=]7140
[img src=]7120
[img src=]7140
[img src=]7230
[img src=]7340
[img src=]6980
[img src=]7170
[img src=]7110
[img src=]7290
[img src=]6970
[img src=]6960
[img src=]6560
[img src=]7010
[img src=]7430
[img src=]6560
[img src=]6400
[img src=]6050
[img src=]8080
[img src=]7540
[img src=]6750
[img src=]6710
[img src=]6740
[img src=]8750
[img src=]7720
[img src=]7100
[img src=]6930
[img src=]6890
[img src=]6720
[img src=]6650
[img src=]6790
[img src=]6750
[img src=]6320
[img src=]6100
[img src=]6200
[img src=]6760
[img src=]6270
[img src=]6000
[img src=]6050
[img src=]6180
[img src=]6390
[img src=]7910
[img src=]8450
[img src=]6630
[img src=]6070
[img src=]5850
[img src=]5710
[img src=]5800
[img src=]5910
[img src=]6010
[img src=]5950
[img src=]6020
[img src=]5870
[img src=]5730
[img src=]5880
[img src=]6020
[img src=]5730
[img src=]5810
[img src=]5350
[img src=]5240
[img src=]6190
[img src=]6230
[img src=]6241
[img src=]5741
[img src=]5660
[img src=]5580
[img src=]6230
[img src=]5850
[img src=]5450