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G2 Bagger rear fender 2009 and newer

G2 custom bagger rear fender unpainted with lights and tag frame $1000

Please specify exhaust cutout when ordering. (Dual, Right side, Left side or None.)

Now available for the 2014 Harley touring bikes.

  • The True Kustom G2 fender fits 2009 to 2014 Harley Davidson Streetglide, Roadglide, Electraglide and RoadKing tour models.
  • This is a bolt in custom bagger fender which provides smooth clean lines and state of the art LED lighting.
  • True Kustom fenders come with full function (run-brake-turn) “SUPERBRIGHT” Flush LED lights.
  • Our fender bolts directly in place of the stock fender.
  • All stock docking hardware works.
  • Also included is our chrome lighted license plate fame.

stock lighting

Add a stock harley color +$550 

Please specify color when ordering (year, make, model and color name)

Now available for 2014/2015



Add custom brake/taillight +$300 

Please specify taillight design when ordering. Some options are (Bar and Shield, Skull, Oval) Almost anything is possible.


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The G2 fender fits with stock docking hardware. Check out the video.


Finished G2 fenders installed.








Installation instructions for G2 fenders.

These fenders fit Harley Davidson Electraglide, Streetglide, Roadglide and Road King. These fender are for custom baggers. Unique and individual.